Glossy 420916green BG9W-lume VOSTOK Amphibia 200m

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If You're interested in similar watch, but with another design of hands / dial / bezel - check please items availible in our catalog of parts, then add hands & dial that are in stock into card and pay your order for these parts. In note to your order write pls I NEED INSTALL ALL THESE PARTS INTO WATCH *GLOSSY FINISHING 420916GREEN BG9W-lume*, write details about needed / strap bracelet and case and box please - all these affects to final price of watch. We'll check all parts and options You choosed and will send to You request for pay additionaly of difference between cost of parts & shipping was charged and price & shipping of completed watch was not charged. Yes, there will be +5% fee for total about assembling of watches by custom order, not too much - about 6$-10$ depends of the total.


100% new and fully customized Vostok Amphibia watch.
100% high quality Superluminova lume putted on dial (handpainted technique, not machine), hands, bezel.
Sunburst dial and custom design hands - all has very bright and long time glowing Superluminova lume.
Case - stock all stainless steel case glossy finishing, case has plastic thick crystal.
Custom Bezel - stainless steel body and alluminium insert has close tone of color like dial and the same kind of lume in bezel's lume pip.
Stock bezel is glossy finishing stanless steel too.
Movement - is fresh and fully new, Vostok 24XX caliber AUTOMATIC movement.
Origianal Vostok Amphibia 200 meters waterproof watch customized by Favinov's Team.