Dear Customers, You can send to us any your request/question about buy new cusomized Vostok watch / about repair service for your russian watch / about any customized or rare to find spare parts You need. We'll try to help every our customer. Put please all correct your data for we can process our conversation through direct e-mail messages and then we can use your shipping address was written here for sending your orders. If You need send the photos to us - use please any free photo-bank, for example like this one Simply upload to photo-bank your photos and the You'll get a link to this gallery, insert this link into the Comment field.

We sell mostly USSR and Russian watches & watch parts on eBay. Many great russian watches factories were closed in 1990s. But You still can find in our eBay-store lot of spare parts for USSR and RUSSIAN watches, Vostok Amphibian & Komandirskie, Raketa, Pobeda, Poljot and many other spare parts. It's not simply watches... It's a little piece of Great History.

Now we are starting to build our own website for provide some new additions services, like customized newely made Vostok watches / repair & restoration service for vintage soviet watches / producing of customized spare parts & accessories.

We have lot of positive feedbacks on eBay from many our satisfied customers around the World. Join now and we hope You'll get what You're searching for!

How contact us? For conversations with customers we use e-mail. Write please your Name, where from are You and shorly your question. Unfortunately, anonymous letters will not get reply.