Terms & Conditions

Product descriptions, specifications, colors, and pricing are subject to change at any time without notice The color of the dials, the kind of bracelets/straps/bezels, crowns and other parts set the watch may be different from the photos on the website, as the factory can change color slightly dials or install other bracelets/straps/bezels , crowns and other parts for watches without notice.

Sometimes delivery time could be 4-8-10 weeks and more. We want to explain that small packages that are sent abroad with the airline go through domestic Customs Control Centers. Sometimes delay shipments from the postal operators and Customs Control Centers comes — an independent circumstances, most flight cancellations or cargo carrier’s fault. But hope for your understandings — not our fault. Sure, we always supporting our customers for resolve any issues in individual way. Your order may be subject to customs and import duties. Favinov.com has no control over these charges and we can’t tell you what the cost would be, but we always try add IOSS numbers on parcels to EU countries - very often small parcels with spare parts like watches hands and dials and bezels comes VAT free 0%. Customs policies and import duties vary widely from country to country. It might be a good idea to contact your local customs office for more information on the current charges.

When receiving to you are obliged to provide a parcel for external survey about integrity of packing and to weigh. Parcel weight you will be by add tracking a track number to any online tracking service, like parcelsapp.com/en/tracking

If contents of a parcel are absent or weight considerably differs, it is necessary to refuse such parcel. We will repeatedly not send the order if you receive such parcel.

The opened damaged or robed parcel pack anew and send back to sender address. The statement of opening of defective departure of mail with a complete description of that was delivered with the indication of weight is drawn up.

The post worker fills in the act of violation of integrity of a parcel and a weight divergence, necessary documents damages confirming the fact, thefts or investment losses are filled in.

Paypal Inc. and buymeacoffee service and Bitcoin - are authorized retailers of goods and services provided in our web store. Our store does not have access to your credit card details at any time but can confirm or cancel your banking transaction as well as refund your credit card if required. Your shipping details and order are sent to us for processing and you will receive an email confirming your order.

If you have any queries regarding your order or any difficulties using this site, please contact us.