ReLumed 432 model Vostok Amphibia Dials

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Symbols were relumed with much attention. Diameter of dial is 28.5mm - fit to all models of retro & modern Amphibia & Komandirskie cases. Fit well with stock and modern watch hands. Produced by Vostok, customized by Favinov’s Enthusiast team.

  • Fitted to mechanical movements - Vostok 24XX (2409, 2414, 2415, 2416, 2428, etc).

  • Variants with calendar window between 4-5 hours - fit to most populare 24XX Vostok calibers with classic calendar disk for 3 o'clock calendar window.

Lume - we use high quality lume Superluminova and are available:

  • C3 - cream-white color with some light green tone in daylight, glows very strong and most long time up to 24-36 hours classic green light in darkness,
  • BG9W - cream-white color in daylight , glows aqua-blue light in darkness - some lower level and brightness and time than C3
  • Green-Green - in daylight looks bright green color, in darkness - glows same C3 green calssic light but lower level and brightness and time than clean C3.